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PTC – Parent Teacher Committee

February 18, 2020 Meeting Notes

January 21, 2020 Meeting Notes

November 19, 2019 Meeting Notes

October 15, 2019 Meeting Notes

May 21, 2019 Meeting Notes

April 16, 2019 Meeting Notes

March 19, 2019 Meeting Notes

February 19, 2019 Meeting Notes

January 15, 2019 Meeting Notes

November 13, 2018 Meeting Notes

October 16, 2018 Meeting Notes

The PTC is one cohesive group for both Clover Ridge and Timber Ridge buildings.

Regular PTC meetings are held every month  at Timber Ridge.  Meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM in the library.  Meeting notes will be updated on this page after each meeting

For more information, please contact Jessica Scovil at Timber Ridge 541-704-1095 or Marcie Barnhart at Clover Ridge 541-967-4565.  Join our Facebook Group, Clover/Timber Ridge PTC and stay up to date on upcoming events.