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Mileage Club at Clover Ridge

Posted on: April 23, 2019

Mileage Club is going strong this spring!  Each day, students have the option to participate in our Mileage Club during the afternoon recess.  This year, we have changed Mileage Club to give more rewards and have more competition between the classes.

Rewards/Prizes (8 laps = 1 mile)

3 miles – first foot and treat(last year was 5 miles)

6 miles – second foot, first in lunch line and pick a song for lunch time

10 miles – third foot, ice cream certificate, foot on track in hallway

15 miles- tropical foot and sign poster in hallway

20 miles – gold and silver foot, McDonald certificate

25 miles – large foot, and Izzys certificate

30 miles – mystery token, and Izzys certificate

35 miles – glow in the dark spacers and colored chain

Classroom competition!!

1st place cupcakes and drink party

2nd place cookie party

3rd place popcorn party


The number one class each week gets a crown for their teacher.

Children are able to participate in Mileage Club at any time, it’s never to late to start!