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Flat Stanley Adventures

Posted on: May 22, 2017

Mrs. McMinds’ 1 st grade afternoon reading group went on an

adventure…a Flat Stanley Adventure! After reading the book,

“Flat Stanley” written by Jeff Brown, each student dressed their

Flat Stanley to prepare them for an adventure. The Flat Stanleys

were then slid into an envelope along with a hand written letter

asking their friend or relative to take Flat Stanley on an adventure

with them. The Flat Stanleys traveled to Utah, California,

Nevada, Washington, North Dakota, Maryland, Pennsylvania,

New York and many places around Oregon. One Flat Stanley

even traveled as far as Norway! After spending nearly a month

with their new family, the Flat Stanleys returned to Albany,

Oregon. They traveled back to us through the mail bringing lots of

stories, pictures and some had gifts, to share. They brought back

information on what the area they visited was like, such as what

the weather was like and what there was to do there. The Flat

Stanleys also came back with a new outfit as the new families

made sure to dress them in what is being worn where they live,

either because of customs or because of the climate. The

students eagerly waited for their turn to share with the class all

the items they received as well as their newly dressed Flat

Stanley! The entire reading group definitely went on an

adventure….a Flat Stanley Adventure!!