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School Board approves bond proposal for May election

Posted on: January 23, 2017

The School Board unanimously voted to send a $159 million bond measure to voters in the May 16, 2017, election.

The measure would:

  • Make upgrades and improvements, including replacing roofs, siding, windows, plumbing, electrical systems in schools around the District.
  • Make energy improvements, including replacing old, inefficient high maintenance heating/ventilation systems, doors, which would save energy costs.
  • Make safety/security upgrades, including automatic door locks, fire alarms, security cameras to improve the safety of students.
  • Make seismic upgrades to enable buildings to better withstand earthquakes.
  • Renovate and/or add classroom space to support vocational/technical classes for all district middle school buildings.
  • Renovate and add classrooms and a cafeteria at Oak Grove Elementary School; purchase property and construct a new elementary school in NE Albany to address growing enrollment and reduce overcrowding.
  • Complete the first phase of West Albany High School’s rebuild that would include new classrooms, commons, auditorium, cafeteria and administrative space; and multipurpose space for vocational/technical education and gymnasium uses at South Albany High School.

The bond proposal is the result of a more than two-year process to identify facility needs in the District. The projects were reviewed by architects and recommended by a community-based District Facilities Advisory Committee (DFAC) that was made up of community members, parents and staff members.

DFAC initially identified more than $250 million in facility needs. This proposal represents the School Board’s priority to balance the most critical needs and the cost to taxpayers. This bond proposal is expected to increase taxes by an estimated $.64 per $1,000 of assessed property value because the 2006 bond is expiring.

For more information, read the resolution and explanatory statement. 

Find more information on the bond information page.

Congratulations, Retirees!

Posted on: May 24, 2017

The annual retiree reception recognized the contributions of 30 GAPS teachers, classified staff and administrators who are leaving the District after serving Greater Albany students for a combined total of 539 years.

Family members and friends joined retirees at the tropical paradise-themed reception. Human Resources Director Randy Lary introduced the following retirees:

  • Lenora Roberts, Grade 1 – Fir Grove : 37 years
  • Kerri Lemerande, Science – WAHS: 29 years
  • Lori McGuire, Assistant to HR Director – District Office: 29 years
  • Barb Villaruel, School Office Manager – Waverly: 28 years
  • Cindy Holcomb, Grade 2 – Oak: 26 years
  • Kathy Kalina, Special Education Assistant – Periwinkle : 26 years
  • Karen Kennedy, School Office Manager – SAHS: 24 years
  • Connie Shrout, Grade 4 – Timber Ridge: 23 years
  • Judy Davies, Special Education Assistant – North Albany Elementary: 22 years
  • Cindy Miller, Functional Skills – Calapooia Middle: 22 years
  • Krista Hartman, College Credit – WAHS: 21 years
  • Maria Martinez, Counseling Secretary & Registrar – Memorial Middle: 21 years
  • Pat Weidmann, Principal – Sunrise : 21 years
  • Sharon DuBeau,  Language Arts – Calapooia Middle: 18 years
  • Jessica Jamison-Wells, Language Arts – North Albany Middle: 18 years
  • Terry Amerling, Special Education Assistant – Liberty : 17 years
  • Jennifer Hagen, Personal Care Assistant – SAHS: 16 years
  • Leo Huot, Assistant Principal – North Albany Middle: 16 years
  • Sandi McGinnis, Special Education Assistant – Calapooia Middle: 16 years
  • Robert Frampton, Special Needs Bus Driver – Transportation: 15 years
  • LaDeen Marlowe, Bus Driver – Transportation: 14 years
  • Gary Johnson, Custodian – Memoria Middle: 13 years
  • Mary Lou Seibel, Custodian – Oak: 12 years
  • Tim Haag, Grade 4 – Central: 11 years
  • Ruth Holmes, Special Education Assistant – South Shore: 11 years
  • Greg Lehr, Custodian – Calapooia Middle: 11 years
  • Durwood Ranton, Bus Driver – Transportation: 11 years
  • Joyce Stringer, Business – SAHS: 11 years
  • Corina Victorio, Secretary – South Shore; 5 years
  • Kim Schueller, Special Education Assistant-Communication – Takena: 5 years

Clover Ridge Outdoor Science Lab Gets Makeover

Posted on: May 24, 2017

On Saturday May 6th, 13 families and a total of 34 people came back to school on a Saturday to do work needed in our outdoor science lab. The goals for this work party included maintenance of the vegetation, including blackberry removal, cleaning the frog pond and maintenance of the trails. One major project was trimming the vegetation between the two buildings to improve visibility (safety) and reduce fire hazard and replacing the stone walkway.  All the children who helped also got to make bird feeders to take home out of pine cones, peanut butter and bird seed.  Thanks to all the help, the tasks were done quickly and the habitat area is now looking GREAT!

THANK YOU to the Elliott, Jacobs, Bryan, Murray, Fisher, Cox, Meekins, Potter, Berger, Day, Christophersen, Elder and Schnee families for all their help…we couldn’t do it without you!!


If you would like more information on

Clover Ridges Outdoor Science Lab, or would

like to be involved in our next work party in August,

please email Mrs. McMinds at:


Bond project planning has started

Posted on: May 22, 2017

Bond project timelines were discussed during the last School Board meeting on May 18. The plan is to open three of the four new construction projects by start of school in fall 2019: new elementary school, rebuild of Oak Grove Elementary School, vocational space/gym at South Albany High school.

Phase 1 of West Albany High School is scheduled to be completed in summer 2020.

See the draft project timeline for more information.

We will provide updates during the planning process on the bond information section of the website.

Flat Stanley Adventures

Posted on: May 22, 2017

Mrs. McMinds’ 1 st grade afternoon reading group went on an

adventure…a Flat Stanley Adventure! After reading the book,

“Flat Stanley” written by Jeff Brown, each student dressed their

Flat Stanley to prepare them for an adventure. The Flat Stanleys

were then slid into an envelope along with a hand written letter

asking their friend or relative to take Flat Stanley on an adventure

with them. The Flat Stanleys traveled to Utah, California,

Nevada, Washington, North Dakota, Maryland, Pennsylvania,

New York and many places around Oregon. One Flat Stanley

even traveled as far as Norway! After spending nearly a month

with their new family, the Flat Stanleys returned to Albany,

Oregon. They traveled back to us through the mail bringing lots of

stories, pictures and some had gifts, to share. They brought back

information on what the area they visited was like, such as what

the weather was like and what there was to do there. The Flat

Stanleys also came back with a new outfit as the new families

made sure to dress them in what is being worn where they live,

either because of customs or because of the climate. The

students eagerly waited for their turn to share with the class all

the items they received as well as their newly dressed Flat

Stanley! The entire reading group definitely went on an

adventure….a Flat Stanley Adventure!!

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